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Bug with Powershell Get-Date

Apr 1, 2015 powershell bug

5 years ago today, I sent the following bug report to the Powershell team.

From: Lincoln Atkinson Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 10:33 PM To: PowerShell Discussions Subject: Problem with get-date Hey experts, maybe you can help me with this issue. Get-Date seems totally broken for me. I've tried it multiple times with all different parameters, but it's just not working in my environment. I'm still single and I haven't gotten a date in months :-( Get-Help really wasn't useful this time. Funny, since many of the ladies I wanted to Get-Date with specifically suggested I “get-help.” A few told me to try “get-life” and “get-bent,” as well, but I couldn't find those cmdlets. They must be running some V3 beta. I've debugged this a bit, and have eliminated some possibilities: Localization – I live in Seattle, seems there should be a pretty good social scene there. Build – I'm average height/weight, don't see this as holding me back. Concurrency – In our modern era of tolerance I'd like to think this isn't a race condition. Hardware – Not the issue. Low Resources – Get-Job worked ok for me so I have at least a little money saved. Any thoughts? I just want to allocate some memories with someone and maybe attend a few advanced functions. -Lincoln

The report was forwarded to the Powershell MVPs, who weighed in with reasoned opinions and sage advice.